Chicken Galantina Essay

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CHICKEN GALANTINA 10-12 SERVING INGREDIENTS: 1 (1 ½ kilos) whole chicken, deboned and skin and meat intact 2 tsps. Salt, divided ½ tsp. Pepper, divided ½ kilo ground pork 1/3 cup sweet pickle relish, drained 1 cup grated quezo de bola or Edam cheese 5 pcs. Whole eggs 1 Tbsp. Sugar ¼ kilo (250g) sweet ham, sliced into ½ inch squares 1 can (140 g) chorizo de Bilbao, chopped BUY PUREFOODS BRAND 3 Tbsps. Chorizo fat (reserved from the can of chorizo) 1 cup raisins 1 bottle (140 g) green olives, chopped, reserve 12 whole pcs. 2 whole eggs, hard boiled and peeled 1 small carrot, sliced into ½ inch strips 6 PCS. Chicken bouillon cube OR 12 cups CHICKEN BROTH SIDINGS: YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN SIDINGS AND GARNISHES OR EVEN ACCOMPANY THEM WITH SAUCE OF YOUR OWN THAT WILL COMPLEMENT THIS DISH… DO NOT FORGET TO BRING NEEDLE AND WHITE THREAD FOR SEWING. MAKE SURE THAT THE CHICKEN,S SKIN IS INTACT AND NO TEARS. PROCEDURE 1. Prepare all ingredients. Reach inside chicken cavity and scrape out the chicken meat, making sure that skin does not get torn. In a bowl, rub chicken skin with one tsp. of the salt and ¼ tsp of the pepper. Set aside. 2. Chop the deboned chicken meat. In a large bowl, combine chicken meat, ground pork, pickle relish, and quezo de bola. Stir in eggs, sugar, remaining salt and pepper and mix well. 3. Dilute chicken broth cubes in oil and add to the meats. 4. Add ham, chorizo, chorizo fat, raisins and olives, chopped and whole. Mix until well combined. Taste test by frying a small piece of meat mixture. Adjust seasoning if desired. 5. Spoon half of the mixture into the chicken cavity. Insert hard-boiled eggs and carrot strips into the center. Fill chicken with remaining mixture. 6. Sew the opening of the chicken securely to seal in the filling. Place chickens on a long piece of aluminum foil, breast side up, tucking under

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