Chickamatsu vs Shakespear

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Chikamatsu Vs. Shakespeare Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s tragedy, The Love Suicides at Soneszaki and Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet share many similarities. Both incorporate emotion to captivate the audience, and both utilize music to enhance the performances. The plot of Shakespeare’s play is similar to Chikamatsu’s in that the lovers are struggling to be with one another. Yet, The Love Suicides at Sonseki will leave the audience with the sense of having witnessed an actual event instead of a puppet theater show. The puppet play is written in an understandable language, where as Shakespearean plays are difficult to understand. The cultural customs in Chikamatsu’s tragedy are more relatable than with Shakespeare’s tragedy. Hearing the phrase from Romeo and Juliet, “to bite ones thumb toward someone” has little to no meaning to many readers today. To someone who has been well educated with the culture during of Shakespeare’s day would know this is an offensive act. When Ohatsu and Tokubei send their prayers to Buddha or sneak off to a symbolic bridge, one would understand the culture and religious reference being mentioned. During a puppet performance, the chanter, puppets, and music make the short sad play suddenly become so much deeper and realistic. There is more room for interpretation from the audience with Shakespearean plays because the language is difficult to understand. With Chikamatsu, the interpretation is the same because the language is easier to understand and the performance is the same. A particular actor is what draws audiences to watch a Shakespeare performance. Even if the actor displays emotion realistically, it takes more skill to bring life to an inanimate puppet. Chikamatsu may share close similarities with Shakespeare in plot and poetically written language, but Chikamatsu will leave a lasting
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