Chicano Gangs

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The history of the United States have good thing that were made in the U.S but there so bad things made. One of the worse things made was gangs. A gang is a group of people that act violence or do crimes. In the U.S all of young people try to join a street gang. Young people join a gang to found a family tape of love that they can't find in their homes. In this essay you will learn what tapes of ethnic groups join, how violence they are, how they affect school and kids, and how they affect the community. To begin with gangs have different types of ethnic groups that join a streets gang. Street gangs include Vietnamese, Chinese, African, and Mexican Americans This show that no matter what ethnic group people are now on days,…show more content…
This shows that there’s more immigrants gang members in the U.S than people that were born in the United States. People that come in to the United States from different countries found it easier to join a gang to have a good life in the U.S. The early Chicano gangs of the East Los Angeles were particularly respectful of neighborhood elders and families This shows that even ought that people that are involved with Chicano gangs they still have respect for other people families. In Chicano gangs if somebody is older and have been in the gang longer than young gang member they have to give respect to those OG’s It doesn’t matter what tape of ethnic group has more gangs made, they all the same thing when it comes to gangs These problem affects everybody because when a group of friends want to go out to have fun or to hung out some people going to think that, that group of friends are gang members A number of well known, wide spread gang such as BLOODS, THE CRIPS, and 18TH STREET originated in L.A. This shows that the most help needed is in L.A to stop the spreading of street gangs in the United…show more content…
Some disadvantages having more law enforcement in the same area is there will more problems in other places 1.people will have to people have to wait more for help that’s not good 2.there will be problem in other place and cop will not have time to get there fast. By having more cops in the same is one but it will be bad too because the cops will not have time to act fast to the place. in other words gangs are violence they don’t care who you are even if you with your family. A.if your have a gang color of something that have a meaning to a gang the will kill you. This show it doesn’t matter what your are if you in gangs you will get kill by another gang member there has been more dead teen in the united states than other countries a lot of states on the west side of the U.S have the 75% of kid will end up in a gang. 1. kid that grow up with no dad will find a way to found love from a “dad” in the gangs. 2.some of this kid grow up with violence in their home.

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