Chicano American Culture

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Joshua Williamson Dr. Wendt English 101 13 September 2013 Cultures and their Legitimacy “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” is about Gloria Anzaldua losing her native accent because she lived in the United States. She grew up in the US, but for the most part, she spoke Spanish. She spoke Chicano Spanish, not true Spanish, and was living in a place that spoke English. She was talking about how Chicano Spanish changed from place to place. This form of language is like a lower level of Spanish. Everyday she was criticized for the way she talked, and she took it to heart. Just because people speak a language different ways, does not mean they are any less a part of that culture. This whole article is about recognizing the Chicano culture as being legitimate. That it is something to be proud of. A big argument in our American culture is whether American is English or English is American. There is no fact of this matter there is only many different opinions. My…show more content…
All cultures and their language are legitimate no matter how different they are from other cultures. Legitimacy is not based on how good or bad other people think cultures are. It is based on how good you think your own culture is. It really just does not matter what other people think of the way your people handle things. If it is your tradition and the way you talk, by all means do what you want to do and talk the way that you want to talk. Legitimacy can also be based on how proud people are of their culture. If people are not proud of it, it will not spread and people will not take it seriously, and they will think that it is nothing. If people spread the word about their culture and all that they do including tradition and language, then people will start to pay more attention to it. The more attention people get, the prouder they get, and they want to do more to keep it that

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