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CONFLICTS: 1. Texas Mexico War 1836 - Intermittent conflicts between the two nations continued into the 1840s, finally being resolved with the Mexican–American War of 1846 to 1848 after the annexation of Texas to the United States. Antonio López de Santa Anna was captured and forced to recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Texas in exchange for his freedom. The Mexican government however, refused to honor Santa Anna’s agreement, stating that he was not authorized to make such a deal and that it still considered Texas a province in rebellion. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo specified the major consequence of the war: the forced Mexican Cession of the territories of Alta California and New Mexico to the U.S. in exchange for $15 million. In addition, the United States assumed $3.25 million of debt owed by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens. Mexico accepted the loss of Texas and thereafter cited the Rio Grande as its national border. 2. Lone Star Republic 1836 – As soon as Texas got their independence from Mexico, they were then considered the Lone Star Republic. After a successful war of independence against Mexico, Texans raised the Lone Star flag over their own republic in 1836. In 1845 Texas accepted annexation by the United States and was admitted as the 28th state. 3. The Jones Affair 1842 – The second USS Somers was a brig in the United States Navy during the John Tyler administration, infamous for being the only U.S. Navy ship to undergo a mutiny, which led to executions. On 25 November 1842, during the passage to the West Indies, Midshipman Philip Spencer, the son of Secretary of War John C. Spencer, allegedly told purser's steward J.W. Wales of a planned mutiny by approximately 20 of Somers crew, who intended to use the ship for piracy from the Isle of Pines. Seaman Elisha Small was involved in the conversation, and Wales was threatened

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