Chicago vs. New York City

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Imagine flying to New York City and then to Chicago, and seeing the beautiful sceneries of both cities. My compare and contrast paper will be on the differences in the Chicago and New York City. Chicago and New York City are very well known cities. These two cities have lots of differences but also a lot of similarities. New York City is the number one city in the United States. Tourists visit this city every day, and not just a couple of people thousands of people, for business, vacation, family, and a lot more. New York City has many things you can visit, like the statue of liberty, and ground zero memorial, and the freedom tower. New York City has the subway which is the underground train. The most famous tourist site is Times Square. Times Square has a lot of history behind it. Times Square was formerly named Longacre Square; it was renamed in April 1904 after the New York Times moved its headquarters to the Times Building, now called One Times Square. In the 1929 stock market crash it took a toll of the businesses. One of America’s most tragic thing happened in this city. On September 11th 2001, tragedy struck the United States when terrorist hijacked two planes and crashed into the world trade center at 8:46 a.m. But one of the most famous events in Times Square is New Years Eve. Close to a million people travel to New York to celebrate “Dropping of the Ball”. In February of 2013 Times Square became a smoke free zone. New York is most famous for Broadway, its thin crust pizza, central park, and it is beautiful scenery of the Ocean. Central park is another very popular site to see in New York City. Even though these cities are very far apart they have a lot of things similar. Chicago and New York City are very busy cities. Lots of people are walking around both even in the coldest weather. Both cities have a tremendous amount of cars as well. There are

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