Chicago Litter Essay

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Littering is a big issue in Chicago as far as living in society, Chicago has a big population which is more a problem because there are bigger communities and more littering and illegal dumping. Chicago spends millions of dollars each and every year cleaning the city; littering is a serious problem in Chicago. During spring and fall thousands of volunteers in the community gather with many different organizations to keep the effort and clean up their city. In Chicago littering causes neighborhoods to look poor and it declines the property value for residents it also causes rats and insects to breed and this causes dangerous diseases to the community. Major sources of littering in Chicago are construction and demolition sites the construction material waste, worker trash from delivery trucks falling from vehicles are negative impact to the properties in Chicago and through-out the city. Other major problem in Chicago is not enough garbage dumpsters in projects and apartments so people keep loading and throwing their trash over filling so trash gets around area. Littering is all over the city; fast food restaurants in Chicago often use road side and back alleys as their trash cans. Chicago has an anti- littering unenforced program with the city which costs 50$ to 200$ per violation ticket to those businesses who violates and uses the street or public areas to un-proper dumping. Chicago’s fines are consider felonies after the third citation the felons pay fine and might serve months in prison. Implementing and enforcing the anti- littering program is Chicago’s Department of streets and sanitation to increase Chicago’s community to better clean environment standards in the

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