Chicago Food and Beverages Company Essay

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Paul Fireman is a very promising young manager working in Chicago Food and Beverages Company (CFB Co.) , who is aiming in acquiring general management positions with his very strong academic background which have given an impressive professional results inside the company environment with more focus on international management. Paul has a strong knowledge of the product line that the subsidiary is producing even though it is restricted to only the US markets. Obviously, his duration of working as a middle to high management position for five years has given him more than enough opportunity and practices to understand more of the company’s vision and the way it works. His loyalty to the company can also be seen by his continuation of working in CFB Co. during his university days. Although the above elements have shown clear enough of Paul’s profile which are necessary for a position as the one he was offered, I believe these can be furthermore improved and is not strong enough to support the job description. The candidate is expected to be able to lead the subsidiary and implement new organizational strategy. Paul has the experience in leading people, motivating people as well, as his professional indicate but definitely has no experience in trying to achieve major goals, while he is working with people with various mentality and cultures. The only international experience he had was a year in Oxford, Great Britain which is not considered a very long period and this might cause him to get into a blue funk if he is positioned as one of the expatriates who needs to be working in Vietnam for 3 years. This is not applicable in this case whereas US and England are very close in culture wise. Though he read 3 books in total about Vietnam but the topics contained are already things of the past. The fact that he speak only one language which is english, explains his

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