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Chicago Bar Blues Essay

  • Submitted by: wyandotte1
  • on December 10, 2011
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I went over to the Chicago Bar located at 5954 East Speedway Blvd. to check out the Jive
Bombers, a five member local band consisting of one woman and four guys.   The Chicago bar is
a sort of neighborhood bar and they didn’t get as crowded as I thought they might. I particularly
enjoyed the place because the bar was Chicago themed. The bar has a stage and a dance floor,
with seating and a bar area.
The Jive Bombers are a classic blues and jazz band, most of their members have long histories in
the music business.   The lead singer, Rebecca Carlson, reminded me of a young Melissa
Etheridge, throaty, soulful, and sort of sexy style of singing. One of the songs I can remember
was “Fever” by Ella Fitzgerald. The Jive Bombers founding member Johnny “Juke Joint”
Strasser, also helped with the vocals and played the harmonica, and slide guitar in a few of the
songs. Other members include: Steve Grams on bass, Glen Velardi on drums, and Johnny
Blommer on the guitar. Blommer is known for his heavy back beat and is called the “Hitman”
because of it.
The Jive Bombers have a fifties style to them, reminding me of ZZ Tops when they played. I like
it when you can actually hear the words over the music and this was the case here.   Another thing
I really enjoyed was it didn’t cost me a dime to see. I just walked in and sat down with a pen and
paper, nobody seemed to mind.   A few things I didn’t care for was it was really dark and hard to
see, and of course it was a bar so when I kept ordering diet Pepsi’s.   I felt like the waitress didn’t
want anything to do with me. I only stuck around for a little bit because the band started at 8:30
and I start work at 10:00, but I enjoyed the music, the atmosphere, and the “home” feel of

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