Chi11 Assignment 1 Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1 – Development of Glossary Glossary of cognitive vocabulary | Word or phrase | Formal definitions from references | My definition | Naturalistic observation | “A research technique which involves observing people in their natural habitat with minimal intrusion by the investigator” (Peterson 2010, p.576).“ a technique used to collect behavioral data in real-life situations as opposed to laboratory or other controlled settings. This technique is most useful when little is known about the matter under consideration. Underlying the interpretation of data obtained through this procedure is the assumption that the investigator did not interfere with the natural order of the situation” (Bishop 2010, website 1). | A way of watching/observing people in their normal, day-to-day environment and seeing how they interact and behave. It is best done with limited interaction with the subject or their immediate situation, thus giving a more ‘honest’ or true guide as to how the subject behaves. | Self-reports | “Self-report measures are operational definitions in which a person is asked to report his or her own behaviour or mental contents. Self-report measures include questions like "How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10?" or "Do you dream in colour?" Most people will agree to answer such questions, but the results are not always dependable. In fact, self-report measures are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable” (Dewey 2007, website 2)“A self-report inventory is a type of psychological test often used in personality assessment. This type of test is often presented in a paper-and-pencil format or may even be administered on a computer” (Cherry 2009, website 3). | A self report is a way of ‘testing’ people on their thoughts or experiences in any number of situations or life events. It asks questions such as: “on a scale of 1

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