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“Initially, golfing was a hobby. It is now growing into a passion with the unfolding of nuances of the game on the ground. Then there are some young schoolchildren who are taking keen interest in it but there's no one to train them on the field and they are left to try on their own. Recently, a golfer suggested that I coach the children. The idea clicked! I started doing so, initially with about a dozen children. Now, with summer vacations, the number has gone up and the size of my pocket as well. It has started paying. I have also started realising that my real talent is in golfing. Therefore, I am now exploring the possibilities of taking golfing as my career and grow into a golf trainer soon after my graduation instead of joining the goat race!”This is not just the tale of a young student, Pratik Jain, who is in final year Business Administration at JGI's Jain College in Belgaum but an example of the contemporary youth's changing perceptions about career paths. As Pratik revealed his prospective plans while participating in the debate at The Hindu E-Plus Club, the fellow members of the club clapped their hands in appreciation of his guts to say “no” to the pressures against taking an offbeat career course.Lemo Cherian observed that the career paths of children, in a majority of cases, are decided under parental pressure. This affects their capacity for excellence. Sense of achievement If children are allowed to choose a career of their choice or transform their hobby into a career, they achieve great success. “Yes,” said Zuber Khan. “It brings a great sense of achievement too.” One needed to be creative in thinking, said Nitish.Deepak Oza gave the example of the dabbawalahs of Mumbai and hinted that one could emulate the concept in other cities too. Pooja Kankanwadi, Sunil Kumar, Rajni Singh, Pooja Bhat, Rabia Killedar, Vivek Patil and Aditya Bandiwade welcomed

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