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The Cheyenne Indians are originally from the, the Great Plains and are composed of three united tribes, Masikota, the Sotaae, and the Tsêhéstâhese, and they call themselves ,” Tsitsistas”, which translate to “like hearted people”. The Cheyenne Nation consists of ten bands throughout the Great Plains and later the tribe split into two groups. Which consist of the southern band living near the Platte Rives, and the Northern band living near the Lakota tribes. The Cheyenne Indians are considered one of the most famous Native American Indians because of their history and culture. According to historians their history can be traced back to more than two hundred years. However, historians states, that they first appeared at Fort Crevecoeur in the 1700s (Grinnell, 81.) In the 1800s the Cheyenne Indians abandoned the Great Lakes area and migrated to Minnesota and North Dakota and formed the Ancient Village Biesterfeldt village and established a lifestyle of based on hunting and agriculture. In the beginning of the 19th century they moved further west into the Black hills of Dakota where they started to hunt buffalo and lived in teepees. By the middle of 19th century European settlers moved invaded there region which caused uproars by the Plain Indians and wars were fought The Cheyenne and other tribes made an agreement with the American government and signed the Treaty of Fort Laramie. This states, that it allows The Indians guaranteed safe passage for settlers on the Oregon Trail, in return for promises of an annuity in the amount of fifty thousand dollars for fifty years. The Native American nations also allowed roads and forts to be built in their territories ( This event led to Colorado war of

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