chewing gum in correlation with better academic performance Essay

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Chewing Gum said to Improve Academic Performance This study took place in April of 2009. Craig Johnston, PhD, and his team of researchers took a group of 108 eighth grade kids and split them up into two groups. All students took math tests while one group chewed Wrigley’s sugarless gum and the other group did not. This experiment lasted 14 weeks. The group who chewed the gum finalized with a 3% better test score. Johnston concluded that chewing gum does, in fact, improve test scores. I believe that this information in not valid. It seems to follow correlation instead of causation. The test scores could have been increased from a number of things. For example, the majority of these students could have studied more or have gotten more sleep the night before the test. It also could be just a simple coincidence that these scores were higher. In the article, some people question this theory but none have actually had evidence disproving it. Others agree and have facts to support the theory but none actually prove it. For example, Daniel Morgan, PhD, stated that chewing gum could be a stress reliever and that could be the reasoning behind the higher test scores. I also think this study could not be valid because they used only Wrigley’s sugarless gum. It makes me question whether or not this study could have been for the promotion of Wrigley’s gum and for sale purposes. If this is the case, then I could definitely detect a biased opinion towards improving academics by chewing their gum. They would want to sell their product, therefore, they would tell the public what they want to hear. I think if the study was done with more types of gum the conclusion could be more plausible. Also, if the kids were tested before they chewed the gum several times and they had more of a basis to go off of then they could find out if the gum really worked for that

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