Chewing Gum Essay

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Do you get bored in class, or you can’t concentrate during the big science exam? Well research has shown that chewing gum in school can improve concentration and proves that paying attention is easier. It can also help relieve stress, such as taking tests, and getting projects, and homework in on time. Along with the social and emotional problems, that comes with everyday life. Some of the health benefits of chewing gum are that it freshens breath, but better yet it increases saliva, which helps defend your teeth against plaque and other dental disease. Such as cavities, which would help families out because with no cavities comes less dentist visits which saves the family money. Also less time and pain spent on filling cavities. I don’t know about you but I would like to live a cavity free life. Another big reason is that chewing gum is cheap, low in calories, and fits in your pocket for easy management. At about 10 calories per piece, it is a good way to keep children from snacking and may help the rate of obesity in kids decrease. Now don’t get me wrong. Students sometimes do not dispose of their gum correctly. However the reason that kids don’t throw out their gum and stick it under the tables instead is that they are afraid of teachers finding it and them getting themselves in trouble, or having to go spit it out an be embarrassed because they got caught, but if students could chew gum and not have to hide it then they would probably dispose of it properly. Some teachers and schools have taken this info into account and allowed their students to chew gum. They encouraged them to chew it during class to improve concentration on tests, and according to their school board; scores have improved. Wrigley's gum has been acting on a study about kids concentrating and getting better grades when chewing gum. This is what they did... First of all students
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