Chestnut Ridge Country Club Case Summary

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Chestnut Ridge Country Club Management Problem The Chestnut Ridge Country Club is one of the most outstanding and reputable country clubs in the Elma, Tennessee area. The Club offers exceptional golf facilities and the dinning and banquet facilities are also said to be one of the finest in the area. Despite the excellent reputation of the club, Chestnut has been experiencing shortages in the number of people seeking membership. The other country clubs in the area, Alden, Chalet and Lancaster are believed not to be experiencing the same problem. Research Problem and Objectives In order to resolve this issue, the board of directors at Chestnut Ridge Country Club decided to hire a research firm to study the clubs competitors. The main purpose of the study is to help the board of directors of Chestnut Ridge gain insight into why the suspected decline in the number of people seeking membership is occurring. The specific objectives of the research are: 1. to outline areas in which Chestnut Ridge rated poorly in relation to other…show more content…
The Chestnut Ridge Club came first by significantly margin receiving an overall rating of 4.35 while the others received 3.95, 3.85, and 3.07. Specifically, Alden Club members rated Chestnut Ridge second overall (the members rated their club 1st). The same was found with Lancaster Club members. However, this was not found with the members of the Chalet Country Club, these members actually gave Chestnut Ridge the highest rating, while giving Chalet the lowest rating. There are certain areas which require some improvement such as club management (rated 5 as compared to everyone else who had higher then a 5 rating), dinning room atmosphere, food prices and conditions of the tennis court. Improving these minor areas could affect sales and market share greatly and make Chestnut Ridge truly the finest country club in the
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