Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes and the Literature Experience with Thought Provoking Questions Essay

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The story I chose was Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes. This story is about a young mouse, Chester and his best friend, Wilson. It talks about how they do everything together and in their own very particular way. Then, Lilly moves into their neighborhood. Lilly is another young mouse who is outgoing, creative and wacky. To Chester and Wilson, this is very odd and they don’t like her. Eventually, after Lilly helps them get rid of some mean older boys, they become friends. The rest of the story shows them teaching each other new things and realizing how much they really do have in common. In the end, all three of them are the best of friends and completely inseparable. For a writing activity, I would choose to have the children write their own continuation of the book. Chester’s Way is left very open-ended. It shows Chester, Wilson and Lilly being very close friends but then ends with “And then, Victor moved into the neighborhood.” I think it would be a fun exercise for them to continue on and develop Victor as a character. Would Chester, Lilly and Wilson like him? Does he have any odd habits of his own? Do they all end up as friends at the end? I think it would be great for the children to be able to build up the characters and their new relationship in their own way. I think, for a dramatic activity, I would choose to have a Story Theater. The story tells us about many different activities that the three mice do together, such as sharing umbrellas, playing croquet and having picnics. At the same time though, it talks about things they would never do, like throw snowballs and ride their bikes without hand signals. With so many activities that they are and aren’t doing, there will be a lot for the kids to act out and have fun with. Especially, when it comes to Lilly, who is always wearing a disguise, holding a squirt gun in her pocket and waving at

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