Chesapeake vs New England

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In the early 1600’s, many emigrants began to settle on the eastern side of the New World. Even though all of these emigrants came from England, they ended up evolving into two different societies. The Puritans landed in the New England, to escape from the Anglican Church and branch off from it. The other English settlers landed in the Chesapeake region, to achieve great success. Even though they both came from England, they ended up evolving into two different societies because of geographic, religious, social, and economic differences. The region of the New England and the Chesapeake were different in geographic relations. For the settlers of the New England region they wanted there area to be very organized, as for they can fit everybody into their towns (Doc D). These towns that the settlers created were to contain about forty families, for both the rich and the poor. They had trouble with plantations due to the fact that they had rocky soil and the harsh winters. Unlike the New England settlers, the Chesapeake had a different idea of how they would live geographically. The Chesapeake had fertile soil, so that’s how they based their regions. Unlike the other settlers, the Chesapeake was spread out and contained plantations, which had large distances from other people in the region (Doc G). They were able to grow crops such as tobacco, rice, and sugar due their plantations and living quite a distance from other people in the region. The New England settlers were different than the Chesapeake, for they were created in towns, and well organized, while the Chesapeake were spread out through the region due to their plantations, and for the fact that they had fertile soil, while New England had rocky, rough soil. Another factor was that they both believed in different religious beliefs. The New England settlers were made up of puritans, with strong religious
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