Chesapeake Bay Foundation Case Study

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Mulugeta Mekonen Write 300, Fall 2011 Executive Summary Due Date: October 18, 2011. Executive Summary The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is a board which is dedicated to save and keep the Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay was endangered through years of pollution. In 2010 CBF help the Bay to revive from the worst situation to its better condition. As the president of CBF indicated, still the Bay is under danger which needs a lot of efforts to continue to maintain its future survival. This survival is based on the measures taken on education, litigation, advocacy, restoration, financial support and resource available. Education: CBF provided educational atmosphere that helps awareness among important sectors that can help in the reducing of the pollution. About 27000 students, 300 teachers, 30 principals and others participate on the different environmental lessons given by CBF. CBF leads no child left inside coalition that represents 50 million people across US. The education helps to make aware people on the connection between their life and the Bay. CBF has also reached audiences through new technology, such as Face book, twitter, video, a blog that is updated daily and other strategies. The website and other social Medias produced by CBF shows the general…show more content…
CBF tries to to convince EPA to reduce the Total Maximum daily Load (TMDL) of the runoffs to be reduced to a normal level. The law suit documented that EPA failed to keep the promise made by the Agency. CBF tries to file law suits against some factory owners who let their pollutions to the Bay. The advocacy effort is also quite tremendous. CBF was advocating a bill named “The federal Chesapeake clean water and ecosystem restoration act of 2009” which will have a significant effect for the restoration of the future of the

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