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The Colony I have decided to learn about is from the Southern Colonies. Maryland was the first proprietary colony and the 7th state in North America. It was founded in the year of 1633 and it named after the Queen Henrietta Maria of England. The husband of Queen Henrietta, King Charles I was the king of Virginia. He decided to give a piece to Lord Baltimore. Lord Baltimore was the one who governed the colony and when he passed away his son Lord Baltimore II took over. Lord Baltimore was Catholic and the people who settled in Maryland were Catholics that suffered political and religious discrimination in England. In 1634 there were two ships, the Ark and the Dove; there were 20 gentlemen, 300 artisans and laborers, and 2 catholic priests. One…show more content…
William Claiborne from Virginia had recognized an Indian trading post on Kent Island in Chesapeake Bay. This was in the limits given to Maryland, Claiborne refused to accept the authority of Baltimore, as a result of which a vessel belonging to the Kent Island station was seized by the Marylanders for trading without a license. Claiborne then sent an armed boat with thirty men to capture any vessel belonging to St. Mary’s. This boat was itself captured, instead but another fight soon happened in which Claiborne’s forces beat the Marylanders. The struggle thus begun lasted for years. The trouble between Virginia and Maryland ended after a stormy period for Maryland. One of the parliamentary commissioners to reduce Virginia to obedience was our old friend Claiborne. He and the new governor of Virginia forced Baltimore's governor to resign and planned to set up a Protestant government which repealed the Toleration Act and disfranchised Roman Catholics. A battle followed, which was an attempt to destroy the rights of Baltimore; but the English government discontinued him, the Virginians were forced to submit, and the quarrel of more than twenty years' standing came to an

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