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CherryT Business Plan Patrick Hagedorn Karlis Laizans Anne-Louise Lopez Bøttger-Rasmussen MEC 2y3 Table of Content Page General information 3 Founders/CEOs: 3 Current situation of the start-up 5 Organizational human resources: 5 Vision 5 Values:6 Products and Services6 External environment analysis:8 Macro analysis of Denmark: PEEST Analysis 8 Our competitors: 9 Competitive advantages10 Customer behaviour and segmentation10 Segmentation:11 Strategy and plans: 12 Milestones/objectives:12 Business strategy12 Implementation plan-schedule13 Financial analysis13 Summaries of and comments on the capital spending and income of CherryT:14 Risk analysis14 Limiting Factors14 Risks: 15 Solutions:15 Conclusion 15 References: 15 Primary data: 15 Secondary data:15 Annexes16 Total Cost:16 Profit and Loss Statement December 2012 16 Balance Sheet 31. December 201219 Breakeven Analysis20 General information Founders/CEOs: Patrick Hagedorn Karlis Laizans Anne-Louise Lopez Bøttger-Rasmussen Definitions of technical terminology: Electronic/online platform: Website Limitations: Because of the CEO’s lacking expertise in IT, we have not been more descriptive of the design process of the website Executive summary contain a descriptive write-up of the business model, and the main findings of the business plan in the various sections. This Business plan sets our strategy for the further process in both the financial, operating, marketing, sales and services for CherryT We are starting with a capital of DKK100,000 the first year will end with a debt of DKK -34,845 but after we are getting well known in the market we will after the 2nd year have a revenue of DKK 21,849 and after the 3rd year a revenue of DKK 35,641.5 based on our estimations. The further plans for CherryT is when the loan

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