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Cherry, Robert. “But it work: liberals& welfare reform.” Commonwheel 135.16 (2008): 7+.Gale Opposing Viewpoints In context. Web 1 Oct. 2011. Cherry Roberts expresses that welfare works if you do it the right way, high-employment policies and increases in the minimum wage, government can also provide for working mothers. Cherry states, “As those who leave welfare begin to earn more money, they confront a flaw in the federal tax system—they begin to lose tax benefits, food stamps and other subsidies, leaving meager gains in their disposable income.” (2) Roberts tells the liberals belief’s about welfare. They disliked the Clinton-era welfare reform because they felt it mean spirited and it affected many families. “But the truth is that the “Make…show more content…
“Ultimately, creating a culture of health that permeates all segments of our society, with evidence based strategies, partnerships and strong leadership is a formula worth trying.”(3) Freidman states the things we learned that could benefit us in our decisions now through previous reforms. The most important thing we learned was, “That the problems associated with welfare were related to poor policy, not our workforce. When the policy barriers to self-sufficiency were removed, the nation’s welfare workers responded magnificently.”(2) Welfare reform can be achieved with program flexibility, personal responsibility. So through are previous history if we pick out all of the good policies brought on by previous welfare systems we can make a very productive system that in turn effects other aspects of our society. This relates to my topic because it talks about Welfare and who it affects and how we can make it better. It answers one of my questions; “How can we make welfare more productive?” In order to make it more productive we take what we’ve learned and put it all together then try to get people self-sufficient and off…show more content…
He believes it should be changed soon and really looked with fine detail. “Without forgetting about the other large problems we face, we must find a corner of our consciousness where we can attend to the real effects of welfare reform and the real problems the poor continue to face in our society of superabundance.”(3) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is our major program for low income families but it is outdated and has only $16.5 billion to work with. Since 2002 we haven’t had an in depth look at how are welfare reform is doing or has done. Massaro believes we need research done so we can see if our welfare system is actually working how they think it is. “Over time, the law would surely require adjustments, corrections, fine-tuning, and revisions.”(1) The number of families that are receiving benefits has declined by 60 percent. A comprehensive evaluation of TANF is what must happen to insure why families left TANF. What also must be looked at is what has happened with the families that left TANF have they become self-sufficient. This relates to my topic because it shows why Welfare reform isn’t being talked about in the media much anymore. It helps me understand that we haven’t even looked into how are welfare system is working right now and if it’s being sufficient or

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