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Business Statistics Project This project is worth 40% of the marks for this course. Read all of these notes very carefully before doing any work. In this project you will undertake a comparison of male and female students in Year 2 Accountancy & Finance at SBC. To do this you will have: a. The question being studied b. The sampling method being used to collect the data The question will be one of the following: a. Are male students taller than female students? b. Do male students weigh more than female students? The sampling method will be one of the following: a. Stratified random sampling b. Systematic sampling An Excel file showing which project you are doing will be posted on Blackboard ( This will tell you your question and sampling method. After finishing the main project you will be required to complete an extension. For the extension you are asked to write a description of how you would conduct a large scale survey to answer your question. The population for the survey will be that of another country, excluding China. The country you have been allocated will be found on Blackboard. The two parts of the project The project consists of two parts: Part 1-- Collection of data: 40%: (a) Initial data collection due Monday 29th March Note that for part 1 (a): No marks are allocated at this stage but 5% will be deducted from your final project mark if this work is not completed on time. (b) Final report on data collection due by Monday 12th April Introduction: 5%, Description of sampling method: 15%, Data collection: 15%, Reflection; 5%, Note that for part 1: You should not do any mathematical calculations or write any comments about results Part 2 – Interpretation of the data: 60% in total: (a) Describe

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