Cheney’s Law & Obama’s Deal Essay

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Cheney’s Law and Obama’s Deal are both examples of executive leadership and decision making cause and effects that have been embraced in our country. Three decades Vice President Dick Cheney conducted a secretive campaign to give the president virtually unlimited wartime power. Cheney and his lawyer David Addington persuaded the department to grant President George W. Bush the power to detain, interrogate, torture, wiretap and spy and without congressional approval or judicial review. Obama promised change, then he took on one of the toughest issues in Washington the healthcare reform and he angered his political base, watched his popularity sink, and nearly failed to pass the bill. David Addington and Dick Cheney shared many similar views on executive power, fanatics about executive power, secretive, and a very powerful duo. They wanted the president to have as much power as possible .They believed that the President’s power was not limited, that the president alone could make any decision necessary without congress. Vice President Dick Cheney hoped to accomplish his believe that the President should have the final and only word on his executive decisions. Cheney hoped to expand the powers of the Presidency, which he seen as having been diminished. According to PBS, some have suggested that he has aggrandized the powers of the President in such a way that the executive branch ignores the system of checks and balances set up by the Founding Fathers, so that its actions are unchecked and unaccountable. Presidents over years have used signing statements. There's tons of argument about the authenticity of signing statements and what it meant, and that controversy got caught up in the separate debate about the scope of executive power. A signing statement is a written pronouncement issued by the President of the United States upon the signing of a

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