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First of all Chemistry is a hard subject for me. It is very hard for me to study because nothing seams to not stick in my head. I have been taking notes during class so I can study later for the test. I usually leaving the studying to the last minute. (days before the test). When I go over them its usually with a tutor or my friend Elizabeth. After doing the comprehension reading I take notes also and actually do well, but after a while I forget about that chapter. Also, having 3/4 chapters in a test is struggle and i know that most of the classes are like that but still its hard for me to review everything. Ill tell you a little of how I study before the test coming up. So, I have all my notes and my book ready to go over. Once I start looking at everything and organizing my notes I start to point out what is the most difficult to the least. I write down the notes I missed comparing them to the notes you give on e-companion. If I don’t have them I usually get together with Elizabeth and study. We study after class together until a tutor can step in and help use. Tutors are a great way to answer all the questions we have. My mistake since then is not going over to the tutoring center to ask for help. This is just me prognosticating. Now that you gave us the opportunity to get extra ponts form the test and make us write this essay, I think about how i should really study more and give more time for your class, to get a better grade! One thing I need to improve is after every class or maybe half of the chapter meet up with someone who understands the class or a tutor and go over everything again. Write new notes that can help me study much more efficiently. Also be doing this after every chapter and not days before the test. The first day i met up with my tutor her told me to make this course interesting. I didn’t take note of that but now i’m thinking

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