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chemistry portfolio Essay

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In lab there are many steps to go through to make sure your experiment runs smoothly and error free as possible. Sometimes lab may seem tedious and drawn out, but it is to make sure the experiment is done right and as safe as possible. Objectives completed in lab can be applied to other course as well. The experiments and procedures that we complete tie our lecture, lab and other classes together. This portfolio is a good example of the lab does that. The portfolio will go over objectives met and demonstrate the correlation between chemistry lab the other aspects of Clemson University mentioned earlier.  
1.Accurately records experimental procedures.
    Accurately recording procedures is writing/recording everything down that you did in lab.   It’s important because you may need to repeat the experiment and you would want to follow the exact procedures as you did for the first experiment.   Recording procedures is also important in that if you changed anything during the experiment that wasn’t in the planned experimental procedures you would have it later for the report.  
    My major is in Agriculture and recording procedures is important in that we do experiments all the time for our professors on plants, soil and heavy equipment. We research new fertilizers, soil properties, herbicides, etc. and if they work we need to find out the rates at which to apply for the best results.   Plus, we need to know how much is too much for contamination purposes.   The only way to figure out what works is to record the procedures that we followed and wait to see what happens.  
    The analysis of household chemicals is a good example of recording experimental procedures.   The artifact is a notebook page that has the procedures from an experiment that was carried out in lab.   It accurately in brief detail tells what tests were performed in lab and how to carry each one out.

2.Accurately records data, observations, and results.  
    Recording data,...

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