Chemistry Lab - Types of Chemical Reactions

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Chemistry Lab Types of Chemical Reactions OBSERVATION DATA TABLE Step|Name of Reactants|Description of Reactants|Description of reaction taking place (evidence of chemical reaction)|Description of Products| 1|Zn|Solid, small chunky bits, Silvery-grey, dull|As the Zinc and Sulfur heated up it expanded in the test tube and shot out Zinc Sulfide.-light and heat are produced|White powder was created and the leftovers of the reactions was a black powder.| |S|Solid, resembles powder, Off-yellowOpaque||| 2|KI|-dull yellow liquid-transparent|Instantaneously changed colour to a bright yellow.|-Bright yellow liquid-Opaque| |Pb(NO3)2|-liquid, transparent, very clear-bubbly||| 3|H2O2|-liquid-clear-transparent|A dark grey bubbling liquid was created. It got hotter as it reacted.gas test observations:The splint relit. Oxygen was present.|Oxygen gas was created and a dark grey opaque liquid was left behind in the test tube. | |MnO2|-solid-powder-black||| 4|AgNO3|A clear, transparent liquid.|As the copper reacted with the Silver Nitrate, the ball of Copper changed colour to grey and subsequently developed a ‘furry-like’ characteristic on its coating.|-Clear liquid-Copper changes to a grey colour, ‘furry-like’.| |Cu|-brown/red-solid-stringy||| 5|HCl|A clear, transparent liquid.|When the Magnesium was inserted the HCl liquid started to bubble and fizz releasing Hydrogen. The Magnesium strip dissolved in the process and the test tube got hotter. gas test observations: The Hydrogen burned up in the test tube causing a loud pop|The final products were Hydrogen gas and MgCl (a clear/transparent liquid).| |Mg|A shiny opaque metal. -Grey/metallic||| Discussion Questions 1. Identify the reaction in procedure steps 3 and 5 as endothermic or exothermic. Explain why. The reaction in procedure steps 3 and 5 are exothermic. These two procedures are

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