Chemistry Lab Report Reactions of Ammines

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Lab 12 Experiment 12: Reactions of Amines Aim: 1) To investigate and to determine the chemical properties and chemical reactions of Amines 2) To observe the reactions of Amines Procedure: Refer to the Laboratory Manual of CHM152 page 72 to 74 Result: A. Solubility Compound | Butylamine | Diethylamine | Solubility | Very soluble | Not soluble | B. Salt Formation Solubility of dibutylamine in water: Not soluble Solubility of dibutylamine in acid: Soluble, white fume is produced Result of making the solution alkaline: Cloudy solution is produced C. Reaction with Nitrous Acid Compound | Observations | Butylamine | Bubble gas | Aniline | Yellow solid | N-Metylaniline | Yellow oil opaque green solution | Conclusion: Amines show various chemical properties and chemical reactions when tested with different reagents. Discussion: 1. Do not transfer any of the liquids from the reagent bottles to the beakers placed beside the bottles (the beakers are there to contain Pasteur pipettes). Transfer the liquid directly from the bottle to your test tube. 2. The bottle must be stoppered after the liquid have been transferred out. 3. Test tubes are washed immediately after completing each test. The contents are poured on directly into the sink hole and the sink is flushed with water. 4. Substances are cleaned up immediately with tissue paper if any is spilled. Questions: 1. Write an equation that explains the solubility of diethylamine in water (CH2CH3)2NH (CH2CH3)2N+ (CH2CH3)2NOH (CH2CH3)2NOHO- (CH2CH3)2NO- 2. Write an equation for the reaction of dibutylamine with HCl and for treatment of the product with NaOH 3. For the reaction of butylamine with nitrous acid a) Write structural formula of the diazonium ion formed i. CH3CH2CH2CH2-N- b) From

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