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Chemistry Current Event Name: Andrea Rebecca Priest Due Date: 04/18/13 Article Title: Puny plastic particles mar Lake Erie’s waters / Environment Date of Article: April 12, 2013 Source: ScienceNews Author: Rachel Ehrenberg Summary: Researchers have been studying the effects of pollution on the Great Lakes for some time. In one of their recent studies, Lake Erie, part of the Great Lakes, contained a great amount of small particles of plastic. These pieces of plastic have highly toxic pollutants and the samples that were collected from the lake make up about eighty percent of it. Researchers have found that these particles soak up other pollutants, but they are not sure if it affects the wildlife creatures when they consume…show more content…
The chains that are oriented within plastic have everything to do with their molecular properties. They can be made from materials such as oil, natural gas, and even organic materials such as corn or even a banana peel. Some plastics can be reshaped and molded into a new form when heat and pressure are applied because they have a weak chemical bond that connects their polymers together. My Opinions/Thoughts about the topic: Plastics have positive and negative benefits for the environment. Many of the products that are made from plastic contribute to many people’s lives. Without them, many of our products wouldn’t exist and make others more expensive. Even though plastics are the largest ingredients in our landfills, most of them can be recycled. It reduces the energy cost of making them from scratch again. They can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 3 New Vocabulary Words: 1. Microplastics - n. small plastic particles in the environment 2. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - n. organic atmospheric pollutants that are present in fossil fuels also known as

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