Chemistry Collaboration Essay

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The Scientific Method: Mythbusters: Circular Motion: 360° Degree Swing Set Format: Magazine Article, National Geographic Research and analysis: * Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to test the theory that if you work up enough speed on a swing, you can do a full circle around a swing set without falling out. * Research: They do some research through physical trials, testing to see if they can get the swing to do a 360 without any help. But other than that, no research. * Hypothesis: As the swing gets higher, centrifugal on the swing, which makes it go in a circle, lessens. Then, due to gravity, the chains go slack, and the swinger falls. But, if enough speed can be generated, then the swinger will go in a full circle. * Experiment: First, simply try to swing a 360 without any help; attempt to work up enough speed on your own, and do several trials with different people, the height being measured with a scale and a camera. Next, try different variables, such as shorter chains, a lighter person, and pushers. * Analysis: It is seemingly impossible, even with shorter chains and a light person, along with two pushers, to go a full 360. * Conclusion: It is not possible to swing a full 360 degrees under you own power. * Extra: Though you can’t do it on your own, the Mythbusters also ran some extra trials, and they built a mini model. This model was far easier to move in a 360 than the full sized one. They then made another mini model with rigid arms, which also did a 360, and then you didn’t have to worry about the chains shaking, coiling, or falling back. But you couldn’t do it full size. While this part didn’t really follow the scientific method, it was still interesting, and this myth has been busted. Rough Draft: Okay, so I was thinkin we could format it like a national geographic national magazine, with two pages like this:

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