Chemistry Essay

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Silver is a chemical element that has the chemical symbol Ag. Silver comes from the Indo-European meaning “white” or “shining.” Silver has the atomic number 47. Silver is a transition mental with the highest electrical conductivity and highest thermal conductivity of any metal on the periodic table. Electrical conductivity is the measure of one’s ability to conduct an electric current. Thermal conductivity is usually denoted in physics as k, which indicates the ability to conduct heat within a material. This metal occurs naturally in its free form as native silver. It is a partial or complete part of one or more elements called an alloy. Silver is an alloy with gold and some other metals and in minerals such as argentite, which is treated as a mineral belonging to the cubic silver sulfide, belonging to the galena group (natural mineral form of lead sulfide). Silver is also an alloy with the mineral chlorargyrite, which is the mineral form of silver chloride. Silver has been a prized metal and valued for many things. It is used to make ornaments, utensils, tableware, jewelry, and coins. It is also used in electrical contacts and conductors, in mirrors and in the speeding up of chemical reactions. It is also used in photograph film and in disinfectant and micro biocides. Silver is also used in some antibiotics and antimicrobial but further research continues on just what silver can actually do. Silver was discovered after gold and copper after about 4000B.C. It was used by the people of the past for jewelry and an object that was traded for other materials. By 2000 B.C mining and smelting of silver-bearing lead ores were being discovered. The best known mines were located in ancient Greece, which was actively mined from 500B.C to AD 100. Spanish conquistadors then discovered mines in Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico. This resulted in the rise of South and Central

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