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Atomic Admission Aim: To Identify the unknown element by observing its colors and wavelengths. Hypothesis: The unknown metal salts can be identified Safety Assessment: 1. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the chemicals 2. Wear lab coat to protect your skin from the chemicals 3. Do not sniff, taste, or touch the chemicals 4. Be wary of the flames and chemicals 5. Make sure to cap the chemicals immediately after use and not get them contaminated. 6. Be sure to clean up well after the experiment. Method: 1. Get a spatula, a beaker, and a measuring cylinder. 2. Get Hydrochloric acid and use the measuring cylinder to measure 40 ML of it. Then pour into beaker for easier usage. 3. Get a Bunsen burner and connect it to the gas outlet. Then turn it on making sure the flames emitted is blue and not yellow. 4. Dip the spatula into the dilute hydrochloric acid 5. Clean the spatula by holding it into the flames of the Bunsen burner. 6. Dip the spatula into the hydrochloric acid again and then dip into one of the metal salts. 7. Record the color of the flames emitted when you hold the spatula in the Bunsen burners flames. 8. Repeat steps 1-8 with all the other metals/ samples to determine the color of all the metal salts Material List: a. Bunsen burner (1) b. Spatula (1) c. Metal salts that contain all contain Chloride in them a. Calcium Chloride b. Barium Chloride c. Magnesium Chloride d. Nickel Chloride e. Copper Chloride f. Strontium Chloride g. Cobalt Chloride h. Tin Chloride d. Metal salts that are unknown (2) e. Measuring Cylinder (1) f. Beaker (1) Results Table: Name of Compound | Observe atomic admission | Calcium Chloride CaCl2 | The flames turned into an orangey color then gradually turned redish

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