Chemical Reactions Essay

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Chemical Reactions: Section 2 Chemical reactions do not just occur in a chemistry classroom; they are constantly taking place everywhere. It may be a simple or even complex reaction. For example, a simple chemical reaction that takes place in our everyday life is cooking. When food is heated, it undergoes three main changes: appearance, structure, and flavor. This is due to the chemical reactions going on inside of the food. Different methods of cooking generate different reactions as they happen at a variety of temperatures. They may introduce a new ingredient, such as water or oil. These factors, together with the internal make-up of the food, govern how the chemical reaction will transform it into a cooked dish. Chemical reactions are also taking place in nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants involve the use of controlled nuclear reactions. These reactions help generate another way to create useful power. Although it is not the top producer for power used by citizens of various countries it still a way to produce energy using nuclear fission. Cleaning products for around the house have chemical reactions occur. For example, toilet bowl cleaners react with the water to then be able to clean any dirt in the toilet. The crystals used to clean toilets fizz and dissolve when it comes in contact with the water. This automatically tells you a chemical reaction is occurring physically. Some companies use bleach in their cleaners. This is not good because when bleach comes in contact with ammonia (urine contains ammonia) toxic fumes are given off. Chemical reactions also occur in fireworks. The original firework was the firecracker. In the simplest form, a firecracker is gunpowder wrapped in paper with a fuse to light. The gunpowder’s chemical make up consists of 75% potassium nitrate (KN03), 15% charcoal (carbon) or sugar, and 10% sulfur. Once heat is

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