Chemical Reaction Essay

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Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to investigate whether mass is gained or lost during a chemical reaction. Hypothesis: It will be found out that the mass is neither gained nor lost during a chemical reaction but transferred. Materials: * Safety goggles * Erlenmeyer flask * Balance * Graduated Cylinder * Beaker * Iron (III) chloride solution * Copper (II) sulphate solution * Sodium bicarbonate * Test tubes (small, and large) * Rubber Stopper * Tweezers * Paper towel * Scoopula * Sodium hydroxide solution * Hydrochloric acid Procedure: 1. 5ml of iron (III) chloride was measured and placed in the Erlenmeyer flask. 2. The small test tube was filled halfway with sodium hydroxide solution and gently placed in the flask without getting mixed. 3. The color and clarity of each solution were observed and recorded in the data table. 4. The outside of the flask was dried with a paper towel. 5. The stopper was firmly put in the flask. 6. The total mass of the reactants, the test tube and the flask were determined using the balance. 7. The flask was gently inverted to mix the solutions together. 8. The reaction was observed and recorded. 9. The total mass of the products, the test tube and the flask were determined. 10. The test tube was removed from the flask using tweezers and the contents were disposed of in the waste container. The equipments were cleaned and dried for the next use. 11. Steps 1-10 were repeated using Copper (II) Sulfate and sodium hydroxide solution Part B: 12. 5 ml of hydrochloric acid was poured into the larger test tube. 13. One scoop of sodium bicarbonate was put into the beaker 14. The test tube was placed in the beaker and the total mass of the reactants, test tube and beaker were determined using the balance.

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