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Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate Purpose: Find the molecular formula of the hydrate of Copper (II) Sulfate. Materials: * 400 mL beaker * Tongs * Scoopula * Electronic Balance * Glass Rod * Hot Pad * 3 g hydrated copper(II) sulphate * Eye Protection Hypothesis: This lab will demonstrate a dehydration reaction. When the beaker containing hydrated copper (II) sulphate is heated, the water will evaporate, causing the color to change from blue to white, and the mass to decrease. Procedure: 1. Measure & record mass of beaker 2. Add 3 -5 g of copper (II) sulphate to beaker. Measure Mass 3. Heat beaker on hot place until crystals lose colour. * Stir occasionally. 4. When colour changes, turn off hot plate and remove beaker with beaker tongs 5. Measure & record new mass of colourless crystals. 6. Clean up! Do NOT put any solution into sink or garbage. Data Collection: Mass of empty beaker: | 163.49 g | Mass of beaker & hydrated copper (II) sulphate | 166.5 g | Mass of beaker & anhydrous copper(II) sulphate | 165.65 g | Analysis: Conclusion: This lab brought forth many potential sources of error, preventing a completely accurate or precise final result. When using the glass rod to stir the powder, much of the powder was transferred onto the rod and therefore mass was lost. Another instance of error was when using the scale, some of the powder was spilt onto the scale instead of just into the beaker, therefore mass of the substance in the beaker was shown as larger than reality. Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate Eimear Fitzpatrick Written For: Mr. Fought SNC

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