Chemical Castration Of Sex Offenders

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Project Two Capstone May 25, 2012 Sex offenders are a major issue in the criminal justice field and have been for several decades. Over the last two decades more and more sex offenders have been released back into the community due to the overcrowding in the prisons. (Sex Offenders) Many judges, law enforcement and probation officers have tried to find ways to deter male sex offenders from reoffending. Three main ways that officials have tried to deter sex offenders is lessening the caseloads, chemical castration, and tougher supervision. Megan's Law is an informal name for laws in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders, which was created…show more content…
Chemical castration is the administration of medication designed to reduce libido and sexual activity. Depo-Provera also decreases aggressive tendencies by reducing testosterone. The castrated criminal would be more docile and have a better opportunity to be rehabilitated, educated, and to become a productive citizen. Castration removes the biological and chemical tendencies that are intrinsically linked to the desire to rape in males. (Amlin, 2008) Prison is less desirable because it serves no rehabilitative purpose for sexual offenders. Pedophiles that spend time fantasizing in a prison cell are given extensive downtime to imagine new sexual fantasies involving children. These horrific visions are translated into terrifying realities once the criminal comes back into contact with children following their release from prison. Even though chemical castration does not prevent males from having sex it does lower the urge. (Tsai, 2007) Chemical castration places a hormone in the male’s body that does not allow them to produce sperm. This will help prevent unwanted pregnancies during the sexual offense. (Amlin,…show more content…
Placing GPS ankle bracelets on the sex offender can benefit the law and society because the GPS tracks the where about of the offender. Two different GPS anklets have been used with sex offenders. Passive GPS uses signals from global positioning satellites to create a map of offenders’ movements. Once or twice a day, that information is downloaded to a computer. In active GPS monitoring, offenders wear a GPS monitor, usually around their ankle, and the monitor is tracked by global positioning satellites, similar to the process in passive monitoring. However, active monitoring means that the information collected by satellite is transmitted every few minutes by cellular telephone to a tracking center. At the tracking center, staff members monitor offenders’ movements. This is the method closest to real-time monitoring. If an offender is being accused of being seen at a location that has small children then the GPS can verify the story. (“Strategically Monitoring Sex Offenders”, 2008) Also having joint random home visits with correction officers and police officers gives two sets of eyes to look over the home. Society questioned correction officers on how well they monitored homes after Jaycee Dugard was found after 18 years of imprisonment by a sex offender. (Palta,

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