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Hello, The following is for those of you doing the LabPaq at home labs for CHEM 1212K. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain the LabPaq as described on the home page and in course emails. The following will need to be completed on time to avoid penalties for late labs. Please note that you must order your LabPaq as soon as possible to meet the assigned deadlines. Late lab reports will lose 10% of the total possible points for each day it is late. You may work with a partner if you are close to another person and if can do so without missing due dates etc. Please note that if you work with another person you must indicate that person as your lab partner on your report. Each person must write their own lab report. I will not accept one report from two people. While the lab experiment can be performed with a partner each person must submit an independent report. Identical reports between partners will result in a failing grade for the given report. What to turn in? For each lab you complete you need to submit a formal lab report that contains all the sections described on pages 21-­‐39 of your lab book. These include a Title Page, Section 1: Abstract, Experiment, and Observation, Section 2: Analysis – Calculations, Graphs, and Error Analysis, Section 3: Discussion, Results, and Conclusions. Please see the lab book for a detailed explanation of these sections. You will also include the answers to any questions from the lab. Please read the lab report instructions in your lab book, it has a detailed explaination on how to do the reports, Assignment 1: Read pages 4 – 20 &

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