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Crime Essays Analysed Note for Teachers This document can be used in different ways. • Download it and use it with your classes to look at examination skills. It will work in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation on the NGfL Cymru site which looks at improving grades. • Use it onscreen with the reviewing toolbar option switched on. You will reveal a commentary on the examples that are shown. • Opt for ‘Final Showing Markup’ in the drop down menu if you want the comments, or ‘Final’ if you do not • There is little commentary on the content; the emphasis of the commentary is on the examination skills displayed. • The document can also be printed with the commentary showing. The Assessment grid Banding AO1 AO2 4 Candidates will be able to make accurate, appropriate and detailed reference to a range of writers, research and theory. There will be a very good level of knowledge and understanding and this will be detailed and wide ranging. Candidates will be able to refer to more than one area of sociology where appropriate. Answers will be expressed in appropriate sociological language Candidates will be able to make accurate and appropriate use of sociological language showing knowledge and understanding of its meaning. The quality of written communication is very good, with few, if any, errors of spelling punctuation or grammar. Candidates will relate their knowledge directly to the question under consideration and this link will be detailed and explicit. References to writers, research and/or theory will be explained and contextualised. Answers will be formally constructed with a clear and logical argument. Evaluation and/or analysis will be detailed and explicit throughout the answers. The candidate may challenge the terms of the question. 3 Candidates will be able to make some accurate, appropriate

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