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| Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham ASSESSMENT TASKPreliminary HSC - Studies of Religion ITask No. 2, 2013 |
TOPIC AREA | Religious Tradition Study 1: Christianity |
Outcomes | Preliminary HSC Outcomes P3 - P9 |

DUE DATE | Friday, 7th   June 2013 |


TASK | Using the free webpage design site www.weebly.com, each student is to design a website outlining the unique features of ONE of the following major variants of Christianity:   1. Anglicanism   2. Orthodoxy   3. Pentecostalism   4. Protestantism.Students are to construct their webpage in the following manner:         a) Set up a Home webpage that contains a brief introduction of your chosen variant of Christianity.         b) Set up ONE web page that answers each of the following unique features:     * What are the historical origins of your chosen variant?     * What are the main sub-groups/names of churches within it?   * What are some of the principal beliefs emphasised by your Christian variant?   * How do the adherents of your Christian branch express their faith in daily life?   * What is the place of Scripture, Sacraments and Liturgy in the life of this branch of Christianity?         c) Use appropriate text and images to design each webpage.         d) Incorporate informative hyperlinks to other websites related to the religious tradition.         e) Students must provide the sources of their information (bibliography) at the bottom of each web page. |
Nature of task:Written report / stimulus report | |
ASSESSMENT CRITERIA | You will be assessed on your ability to:   * select and organise relevant information from a variety of sources;   * accurately outline unique features of one major Christian denominational group;   * present ideas clearly and in a well-structured written/ICT form;   * Apply appropriate language and terminology associated with Studies of Religion. (see Marking Criteria for further guidance) |

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