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Study Guide for Chemistry Chapter 13,14 HRW Mr. Van Name Disclaimer, a guide does not equal test. A guide leads you in the right directions, but if you want an “A” grade, it’s really up to you to master every example from the textbook. Nothing can prepare you more for a chem test than answering a ton of chemistry questions as practice. That being said master the following: * * * Be prepared to… 1. Discern suspension, solution, colloid (tyndall effect) 2. Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous 3. Alloy vs Amalgam 4. Know what factors affect dissolving and why. 5. Distinguish saturated, unsaturated, and supersaturated – use solubility curves to determine this (see my notes!!) 6. Describe an electrolyte, how does this solution conduct electricity 7. Give examples of solutions that are combinations of solid liquid and gas 8. Be prepared to calculate Molarity(M) and molality(m) 9. Know all BOLD VOCABULARY for chapter 13 and 14 10. Review Chapter 7 and be prepared to name compounds that are molecular or ionic. 11. Be prepared to demonstrate the use of solubility rules 1 and 2 to determine if a precipitate will or will not be formed 12. Be prepared to write a molecular, ionic, and net ionic equation 13. Be prepared to calculate elevations in bp or depressions in fp 14. Distinguish ionization vs dissociation Again, this is a guide, you may need more or less practice with the above concepts, so do what you need to do! Good

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