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Cornerstone Chemistry Investigating the Fundamentals of Chemical Change For Student-Scientists enrolled in Introductory Chemistry Laboratory 106 11th Edition 2 Table of Contents Introduction A Few Words 3 Acknowledgments 3 Becoming a Novice Scientist 4 The Laboratory Notebook 5 Responsibilities and Grading 9 Safety and Disposal 12 '' Experimental Activities , Lab 1 : South Street Seaweed Seaport 15 . '' ' I Lab 2: A Library for Chemists 30 Lab 3: The Redox Arena 45 Lab 4: The Castle of Quantification 59 Lab 5: Take the A Train 69 Lab 6: Grand Central Equation 76 Lab 7: 6B1h and Zinc BB Lab B: Liberating Gas 102 I! Lab 9: Kinetics at Time Square 114 hj: Lab 10: Precipitating in Central Park 140 II., Lab 11 : pH at the UN 148 Lab 12: Empire of Electricity 163 I! Cornerstone Chemistry \1: II 11. .I ... 3 .I I pI I AFew words You are about to embark on an exciting adventure into the chemistry laboratory. Like many trips into Uie unknown or little known, has a purpose, which is, to make sense of your work in the lab. drive to make sense-to understand-c-cwill lead you to reconstruct some of the fundamental knowledge on which chemistry is based, what I like to call Corner Stone Chemistry. IF this goal sounds vague to you, let me draw out an analogy that we all can understand: Almost everyday as I walk. down Lexington Avenue I am stunned by the New York City skyline. The skyscrapers, the fascinating architecture, ,the old and the the variety and scale are truly impressive. And what is more amazing is thiS skyline is not static, it changes over time as buildings fall and new ones are built. The City is continually in the process of reinventing itself. Our kinship our buildings and

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