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Most soccer teams have an emotional link to their home stadium, but thehistory of few teams and stadiums are as intertwined as that of Chelsea FCand Stamford Bridge, their London home. Built in 1877, Stamford Bridge wasan athletics track until 1905 when two brothers (HA and JT Mears) purchasedit with the intention of attracting an existing team to play there. Whenthis plan failed, they decided to take the bull by the horns and createtheir own team - Chelsea FC.And so began 100 years of soccer history with many ups and downs along theway.The Story Of The BluesChelsea Football Club was officially formed on March 14 1905 in The RisingSun public house opposite the main entrance to the current stadium. A fewweeks later, the team joined the Second Division of the growing SoccerLeague, and they played their first game (against Stockport County) on May29, 1905.A long, uneventful period followed and it was not until 1955 that Chelseawon their first league title. Initially nicknamed "The Pensioners" after thenearby Royal Hospital (home of army pensioners), an early manager thought itgave the wrong impression - and ever since, Chelsea have been known as "TheBlues". The swinging 60s made Chelsea the fashionable heart of London, but thesuccess of the surrounding area was not duplicated on the field at StamfordBridge. The team did become known off the pitch for their fashionableclothes, accessories, and celebrity lifestyles and the club enjoyed acertain celebrity in the media during this period. The trophy cabinethowever remained largely empty, and although Chelsea came close with an FACup final loss in 1967, the only major success of the decade was winningtheir first League Cup in 1965. Things Can Only Get BetterMatters did not improve during the 1970s and 80s, with the team dipping inand out of the Second Division and serious

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