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Cheese Lab Essay

  • Submitted by: vivin3
  • on September 26, 2012
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Cheese Lab Conclusion
The purpose of the cheese lab was to determine which curdling agent curdled the fastest to make cheese and which curdling agent produces the most cheese. There were four curdling agents that we have tested. My hypothesis was that chymosin is expected to produce the most volume of cheese in the shortest amount of time because the particles will bond together creating a solid, making curd the fastest, it will create the most fungus. There was buttermilk, rennin, chymosin, and water. To start off with buttermilk, the time it took to curdle was 30 minutes with 1.5ml of curds. For rennin, it took 30 minutes leaving 2ml of curds. For chymosin, it took 15 minutes to curdling and had 3ml of volume of curds. As for milk, it took infinity amount of time to curdle and 0ml for volume of curds. In the end, chymosin took the shortest amount of time at 15 minutes to curdle and leaving us with the most curds. A possible error could have been at the start of the lab, where we exposed the test tube for too long. It could affect the results and outcomes because bacteria could have traveled inside when it was open for too long. It is possible that some of the curdling agents were taken in and out of our armpits too much, leaving us with inaccurate time. When it is taken in and out of our arms, it affects the heat, not allowing the product to get consistent heat temperature. Another possible error was clothing, it could affect the temperature of the agents. Not all of us were wearing the same clothing, some had thicker t-shirts and some had a light sweater on. This changes the temperature because some agents may be warmer or some may be colder depending on the thickness of the clothing article. The cheese lab can be applied for research because scientists will know which cheese has the fastest rate of curdling and which will create the most. Sometimes, they might be in need of knowing which cheeseā€™s will create the most fungus, so knowing which will curdle the...

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