Cheerleading vs. Ballet

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Cheerleading can be defined as a sport that involves tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting in an organized routine. Cheerleading involves several individuals joining together in order to form a team that performs and participates in competitions. When one cheers they may do it on the side lines of a football game or in a more intense setting such as a competition against other cheer squads. While cheerleading involves a team, ballet is based more on the individual. Ballet is a technical form of dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance court and involves choreographed dances, miming, and acting that is put to music that normally does not contain words. While both activities involve highly disciplined individuals and long term commitment they differ in several areas. Many individuals participate in cheerleading across the world. Cheerleading started as a way to show spirit to other athletic teams such as football, basketball, and soccer. This later led to the development of organized cheering which was lead by one or several individuals. These individuals were to start chants and to help the crowd cheer in unison. Cheerleading can be separated into two different types of organizations. The first type of cheerleading is school sponsored cheerleading. This type of cheerleading involves a group of individuals that help encourage crowd involvement and also help lead organized chants. These individuals mostly cheer on the sidelines at football games and other sporting events, but tend to not participate in tumbling and stunting like the other area of cheerleading. The second form of cheerleading is All Star cheerleading and which is normally considered the more athletic form of cheerleading. All Star cheerleading is not associated with a school, but is ran out of a separate gym that has no association with where a child attends school. All Star cheerleading

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