Cheerleading Is The Most Dangerous Sport Essay

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Cheerleading Cheerleading is a very popular sport among girls. Some may think that it is not a sport and think that there is nothing to it. However, cheerleading is actually one of the most dangerous sports for girls. Cheerleading is not just standing on the sidelines cheering on the football team anymore; they do complicated stunts and throw each other in the air. Because of these stunts, it increases the risk for possible injury. Cheerleading is itself a sport, with participants performing dances and complex tricks, which are extremely physically demanding. A cheerleading squad works like a well-oiled machine, with members being very aware of each other when they work on routines. Small slips can result in serious safety issues, especially when involving stunting. Since cheerleading has been increasing in difficulty by doing dangerous and risky stunts, it has also increased in injuries. “A major factor in the increase has been the change in cheerleading activity, which now involves gymnastic-type stunts (LiveScience, Aug. 2008).” High school cheerleading has accounted…show more content…
Without a doubt, cheerleading is the most dangerous sport when we look at the number of catastrophic injuries (Mueller, 3). Works Cited Dorning, Anne-Marie. “Another Cheerleader Dies.” 21, April 2008 LiveScience Staff. “Girls’ Most Dangerous Sport: Cheerleading.” 11, Aug. 2008 Mueller, Frederick. “Cheerleading Injuries and Safety.” Journal of Athletic Training. Web. Nov-Dec. 2009. Shields, Brenda and Smith, Gary. “Cheerleading-related Injuries in the United States: A Prospective Surveillance Study.” Journal of Athletic Training. Web. Nov-Dec. 2009. Torgovnick, Kate. CHEER!. New York, NY.

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