Checkpoint for Hsm/240 Eligibility Rules Essay

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AGENCIES | WAGES/ASSETS | UNDERLYING NEED | BENIFICIARY | Government: Homeless Veteran’s ran by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in New Mexico | Wages are taken into consideration only as a means to help pay the rent and bills. No proof of income or assets needed in order to qualify for help, as long as you are veteran | Healthcare, establishing more permanent and stable housing | The individual veteran | Private/Faith Based: Joy Junction, Inc. | No wages or assets are taken into consideration. Just being homeless qualifies anyone, however the program, once admitted may require participants to save a portion of their incoming monies (if any) in order to help find housing in the near future. | Temporary shelter for either short-term or long-term until client is able to find employment or save enough money to afford more permanent housing | Anyone that needs shelter due to being homeless, families, men, women. | I do not really see much difference in the eligibility requirements for either program. The major difference is that one is only for veterans and the other is geared toward everyone from individual men or women to families with one or both parents. Neither program requires an examination of income or wages and assets available to the recipients. However, both programs may ask or even require that the participants save a certain amount of their income or wages in order to save for more permanent housing options. They both provide forms of shelter for their clients while helping to find more permanent and stable housing for them. The government program is only for veterans whereas the private/faith based shelter is for everyone. On their homepage they say that they accept anyone needing help with homelessness from the individual man or woman to single parents with children to grandparents raising children and the entire family. Both

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