Checkpoint: Characteristics Of Orientalism

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Muslims and Arabs are often confused to be one in the same, in some cases, this statement may be true however, one is an adherent of religion and the other is an ethnic group of people. An Arab is on who can be identified as a person originating from the realms of the Middle East, such as Algeria, Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia to name a few. Muslims are devotees of the religion of Islam. Although Arabs are often connected to the Islam religion not all are Muslim. Actually, Arabs are also known to follow Christian, Judaism or Druze religions. (Arabs Religion, n.d.) One U.S. policy that has recently been changed, since the attacks on America, is racial profiling. This tactic if often used in American airports to overt further attacks on American soil. The check-in process at American airports is a stringent procedure that many Americans and visitors are subjected to experience because he or she may resemble the Arab or Middle Eastern race. There have been laws put into place to prevent racial profiling based on an individuals religion or religious appearance in four states, Alaska, California, Massachusetts and Arkansas. (Racial Profiling, 2009) Orientalism is a demeaning point of view a person, often from the western hemisphere, has towards individuals from Asian or Arabic Middle Eastern decent. A couple examples of characteristics are mysteriousness and religious extremism. The number of hates crimes towards Muslims and Arabs have risen since the 9/11 attacks. People are often judged and immediately associated with terrorist groups simply by looking a certain way. Communities can begin to overcome racial discrimination against these groups by befriending Muslims and Arabs in the community. Proving to the people of a community, not all people of this faith or race are terrorist by having an open door policy to individuals from these groups to open businesses in the

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