Cheating on Exams

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Causes for Cheating on Exams Although it is unacceptable, there are many causes why a vast majority of students cheat on an everyday basis. Every person may have a different answer as to why they cheat, if they even tell you that they do in fact cheat, but I believe there are three main causes. Failing a class being the first and main reason. Failure to study and be on top of work is the second. The last reason would be students taking an easy way out. No matter what the reason is or what school you go to, you will always find cheating. Some students will try to do anything in their power to prevent themselves from failing, even if it includes cheating. A student may need a good grade on an exam to pass so course so they will cheat for good measure. Going with that thought, if a student is failing they will want to pass the exam and the class so they actually get credit for the course. Failing an exam only means that your grade in that class lowers, which in turn means your GPA lowers. Failing a class or an exam is something no student wants to experience and some students will do whatever it takes to prevent that. Students may be too busy or too lazy to take time and study. Whether you’re aware or not, the life of a student is usually a busy one. More often than not students may not have time to study and if they do it is very late at night and they just want to sleep. Being busy may include having to work or maybe they’re spending time with friends. Either way they don’t have the time to study as they should so they resort to cheating. Sometimes a student may not care at all and wont even put in the little time they have or an ounce of effort to get the studying done to achieve a good grade. Most students believe that cheating is an easy way out. No studying is involved and they get a good grade. Essentially they get to have their cake and eat it too. If
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