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Cheating In Exams Essay

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Below is an essay on "Cheating In Exams" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cheating in studies especially in an exam has currently become a global issue which makes almost all people around the world give serious attention towards this issue. There are many kinds of cheating that has been practiced such as plagiarize, take illegal prescription drugs to improve focus and peek others answer. The development in technologies has worsened this endless problem. New discovery shows that nowadays students tend to obtain exam questions in advance by asking help from their friends via cell phone. On the other hand, the internet sources have become a platform for the students to plagiarize.
After reading the article, I come out with my stands which is I totally disagree with cheating in exams no matter for whatever reasons. Sometimes we feel happy because we got higher grade than others, but that not reflects our real ability. We don’t really deserve to get the grades that have been given to us. By cheating in exams or copying answers from others, it makes we become weaker as we don’t realize our real abilities. Hence, we tend to assume that we have mastered everything in our studies; in fact, we don’t really understand what are our weaknesses or our flaws.
In real life, people tend to measure others based on their abilities and expertise, not only on their certificates or status. Nowadays, there are many unemployment graduates. Some of them have been jobless for more than five years. One of the possible reasons to explain this condition is lack of knowledge and expertise. Most of company manager will only hire the workers who fulfill the requirement of the company. Those who fail to prove their skills will be rejected. Thus, people who keep cheating in their tasks are not good enough to be hired because they fail to convince the company that they have the abilities to do some particular jobs.
On the other hand, grabbing other people chance to get what they are deserved to is unmoral attitude. In this case, the students who cheat in exams...

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