cheating death Essay

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Can you really cheat death? Death is something that everyone has to look forward to. Some people fear death, some people welcome death, but everyone will eventually face death. There are ways to prolong your death. Some people prolong death by getting chemotherapy for cancer, freezing their bodies before death so doctors of the future can fix them, cloning spare body parts to replace old battered parts, and some believe that being a Christian prolongs your life. Although there are definitely ways to prolong the inevitable, is there a way to actually cheat it? Before one can answer that question, you have to decide what in fact is cheating death. Is it cheating death when you’re in a terrible accident and you narrowly survive, or when you have a miraculous recovery from a fatal disease? Or are these just ways of prolonging your death? If it is simply prolonging death, then what is cheating death? There was a man that survived the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He was knocked unconscious by debris from the towers and was found 13 hours later on a ferry that was turned into a mock hospital. Everyone he knew said he had “cheated death.” Years later he was involved in a ferry accident that killed 10 and injured 67. Was he just really lucky on 9-11 and really unlucky the day of the ferry incident, or was death following him since he had “cheated death” in the World Trade Centers? Another incident that happened around the attack of 9-11 happened when Frankie Chu was late for a meeting, therefore cheating death in the Twin Towers. He later died of SARS. Was he destined to die in the Towers? And if so, did he really cheat death? In my opinion, there is no way to cheat death; you can only prolong your life. In the case of Frankie Chu, he was extremely lucky by being late to his meeting in the towers, which made his life longer because he
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