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Food Essay July 10, 2014 Don’t Blame the Eater In today society, it’s a reality that fast food consumers should be knowledgeable of alternatives to eating fast foods. Though it may not always be easy to find healthier food choices, it is a challenge we all should accept, regardless if you’re obese or trim. Though it may seem hard finding more healthy food, it is a challenge people obese and trim must take. Zinczenko himself writes, “I guarantee you’ll see one of our country's more than 13,000 McDonald's restaurants. Now drive up the block and try to find someplace to buy a grapefruit.” (392) Even now fast food places seems to be heavily populating our cities. Zinczenko makes an extremely useful point. Even Though you might see one of 13,000 fast food places, if being healthy matters enough you can try to find alternatives. As well known first solution is balanced home cooked meal. Although it is more time consuming and difficult option for some, it will pay off health wise in the long run. The nutritional benefits of eating health at home outweigh those of eating fast foods tremendously. A Second solution is to simply plan ahead. Planning out and/or preparing meals ahead of time can help you avoid poor meal choices. Set your sights on healthier food selection at supermarkets or organic fresh produce from local farmers market, or even eat out occasionally if you make wise food choices. There are many smarter, more responsible food choices you can make, other than greasy fast food. One can set a goal for themselves to not consume fast foods altogether. Imagine this; buying McDonalds just because it’s around the corner from your house. That is passive and extremely lazy when so many other options are available. Most of the time, bad eating habits begin in childhood, no matter the weight. It can stem from a lack of nutritional education from parents. Many

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